Piles or Relieve Hemorrhoids-Treatment- Flax Seed Benefits-Home Remedies

Hemorrhoids are a health condition associated with painful, swollen, itchy anus and rectum. Patients with hemorrhoids may experience bloody stool, anal itching, and pain during bowel movements. Hemorrhoids are caused by temporary or chronic medical problems. For example, frequent constipation may result in hemorrhoids.

Sometimes, constipation worsens hemorrhoids. Patients with hemorrhoids can find the significant relief with medical treatments but it is said that fiber-rich diet can help to improve the symptoms of this disease. Interestingly, including Flax seed to your diet is the best way to prevent and relieve hemorrhoids by increasing the fiber intake. Flax seed contains much more fiber than other forms of fiber. In order to take the benefits of Flax seed, you can add Flax seed to your daily diet or take Flax seed oil supplement.

It is estimated that about 40 percent of Flax seed contains fiber with 30 percent insoluble fiber and 10 percent soluble fiber. The fiber content of Flax seed is much higher than in oat bran, wheat bran, corn bran and rice bran. Fiber is responsible for adding bulk to the stool and makes it softer. Increasing the fiber intake will help to prevent constipation as well as hemorrhoids.

In order to add Flax seed in your daily diet to get fiber, you can eat whole or ground Flax seed . If you eat whole Flax seed, you can chew and crush the Flax seed. If you grind the whole Flax seed with your coffee grinder, it is best to consume it within 24 hours before the quality of these seeds goes bad due to air and light exposure. It is important to store the ground Flax seed in a tight container and keep it in the refrigerator. It is recommended consuming one or two tablespoons of Flax seed daily to get the significant relief. In serious cases of hemorrhoids, you can increase the daily Flax seed intake to three or four tablespoons. However, when you want to increase the intake, you should consult your doctor carefully.

Other high sources of fiber include whole grains, vegetables and fruits

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