Moringa Essential Oil – Health Benefits

 Moringa Essential Oil – Health Benefits

Moringa Oil is also called Ben Oil or a Miraculous Oil. This oil relieves allergies, skin disorders. This oil, when used for cooking, aids as a liver protector and increase bone health density. Moringa Oil can be useful in treating high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma and much more.

Have you heard about miracles or have you ever thought of a thing that can be outstanding and can do wonders?

Today in this fast moving world, there is the thing that can do extraordinary things and is helpful in the medical, health and cosmetic field.
Excited to know about it!!

The answer is Moringa Oil.

What is Moringa Oil?

Moringa Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree. The leaves, immature seed pods and its oil all do remarkable jobs.

Moringa Oleifera-

The tree is a fast growing leafy tree. The tree is native to the Himalayan mountains. The Moringa tree is the king of all trees.

It is the best green you all know and is highly nutritious when compared to spinach, lettuce or mustard greens.
Moringa Oleifera is also known as a drumstick tree; it is cultivated in Asia, Africa, and South America.
The ancient culture of the Egyptians and Romans have documented the nutritious value of the oil.

The Oil is extracted from the highly nutritious seeds with the help of two methods:

  • Cold pressed
  • Solvent extraction
Make your own oil

If you really have doubts about the purity of oil available in the market, you can also make Moringa oil at home.
You can take Moringa seeds, roast them and then crush them. Now, bring them to boil with water. Thereafter, you will see the oil.

The Oil rises to the top, now carefully skim it off and pour it into the container after it is cooled.

The moringa oil is light yellow in color.

Nutritional Value

The nutritious God has packed the oil with the wonderful benefits.

The oil has 70% of the oleic acid, which controls the blood pressure, it has a high content of behenic acid up to 9% which conditions and smoothes your skin. The oil contains vitamins, minerals , flavonoids, phenols and sterols.

Vitamin E present in the oil work as a potent antioxidant that protects our skin and boosts your immune system.

Sterols help in reducing cholesterol and act as an anti-diabetic remedy.

Flavonoids strengthen the blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

Therefore, Moringa oil is the powerhouse of nutritions.

Characteristics Of Moringa Oil

Antioxidant – Moringa oil contains powerful anti-oxidants as rutin, kaempferol, etc. that prevents cells and tissues from being damaged.

Anti-Inflammatory – It reduces redness and pain as a reaction to injury both internally and topically.

Antimicrobial– Moringa Oil has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial attributes that help to decrease infection counts.

Anti-Aging– Oil has an ability that can counter fine lines and wrinkles.

Disinfectant- Oil can be used to treat wounds.

Emollient– Moringa oil has a quality of softening and soothing the skin.

Exfoliants– Oil drives away the skin cells that are dead.

Hepatoprotective– Oil helps to restore the infected liver.

Preservative– It refrains contamination.

Enfleurage– Oil has an ability that absorbs the aroma of other fragrant compounds.

Health Benefits Of The Moringa Oil

There are countless benefits of the Moringa oil. You all will be surprised when you read about them.
Now lets begin.

1. Health

Moringa is known as a Miracle tree because of the immense medicinal benefits its oil can provide.

i) For Painful Aches-

The anti-inflammatory quality of the oil helps in treating the painful conditions. It can be applied to arthritic joints. It is effective in reducing swelling and redness. The oil treats bone ailments.

ii) Liver Issues-

The use of Moringa oil has restored the damaged liver. The oil helps to reconstruct glutathione content level of the body and lowers the damage caused by the toxins.

iii) Stomach Disorders-

The compound present in the oil is helpful in the treatment of stomach disorders like constipation, gastritis, etc.

iv) Cures Ulcers-

Due to the antibacterial property oil inhibits the growth of bacteria. So, it helps to heal ulcers and prevents diarrhea.

v) Protects bones and soothes Nervous System-

Moringa Oil protects and nourishes the bones. It creates healthy cholesterol in the body that is beneficial in maintaining healthy bones.

vi) For immunity and Energy-

An anti-oxidant property and the Vitamin C content present in the oil helps to build a stronger immunity and gives great energy and keeps you fresh all day.

Almond oil can also be used to boost immunity and to strengthen the nervous system.

vii) Diabetes-

Pieces of evidence say that Moringa works to reduce blood glucose and urine sugar. It improves the hemoglobin level. Thereafter, improving the protein content of the diabetic patients.

viii) Cardiovascular Protection-

Oil extracts are helpful in the prevention of cardiac damage, which aids in maintaining a healthy heart.

ix) Asthma-

Oil can be used to muffle and calm a cough. It can also reduce bronchial asthma.

x) Urolithiasis-

Oil works efficiently against the formation of kidney or gall bladder stones.

xi) Hypertension-

Oil can be used to calm down emotional instability. When used it can maintain the optimal levels of blood pressure in the body.

xii) Eyes-

Moringa oil is beneficial in controlling the retinal damage. It keeps the retinal vasculature intact and protects our eyes.

xiii) Gums-

Oil reduces pain and swelling of gums. It gives relief to other gum problems like scurvy etc.

xiv) For insomnia –

Oil induces good night’s sleep, keep the stress level down and cures the people.

Here, maracuja oil can also help you to get a sound sleep.

How to use Moringa Oil for Health Benefits??

You can use the oil for massaging on your painful aches. It will relieve the pain and reduce the redness of the skin.

Massage the head with the oil to induce sleep.

You can massage your gums with the oil to reduce pain and swelling.

Oil can be used as an alternative to the dish which needs a nutty flavor.

Utilize oil to stir dishes.

Moringa oil can be applied for salad dressing.

Oil can be treated to stir dishes.

You can also use it to marinade dishes.

Oil can be amazing for deep frying.

You can also prefer the oil for deep frying.  (Please note Moringa is suitable for cooking because its smoke point is 200*C)

2) Beauty-

Now, we shall see wonderful after effects of the oil in this area.

a) Moisturizer-

Moringa oil works as an excellent moisturizer for the skin.
The nutrient rich Omega – 9 fatty acids and behenic acid hydrates and makes your skin smooth. It rejuvenates the skin for an even toned complexion. It pacifies the dry skin.
So, Use it to replenish your skin.

b) For acnes, black heads-

Moringa Oil is known to be the best remedy to treat acnes. It removes black heads.
It treats the skin tissues and combats free radicals that cause acnes.

c) Fungal Infections-

Oil has an anti fungal activity, It can subdue the infection when treated with ringworms and itching patches.

d) Anti- aging-

The high protein content of Moringa oil prevents wrinkles and slows down premature aging. It helps counter fine lines and curbs free radicals that damage the skin. It restores the vitality of the skin. Thus, giving you a youth refreshing look for years.

e) Cures cuts-

Moringa Oil is a good antiseptic; it helps cure minor skin cuts, burns and rashes. It has a powerful scar diminishing formula.
When applied it mitigates the scars.

f) Nails-

Oil can be used to soften your nails and cuticles.

The Rosemary Essential Oil is also used to get a glowing and flawless skin.

How to use Moringa oil for Beautification??

Oil can be massaged directly on the cuts, or the patchy skin and this will give you instant relief.

You can apply it on the dry skin to give it a soothing look.
(Moringa Oil is light, so it spreads quickly)

Soak your nails in the oil or put some oil on the cotton ball and apply on the nails to soften them.

3) For Hair-

Moringa oil cleanses and purifies the hair. It is a valuable conditioner for your hair. It helps to reduce split ends and dandruff.

Oil gives shine to your hair. It nourishes the hair, strengthens its roots and curbs the problem of hair loss. It stimulates the hair growth.

So, in a way it reduces your visits to salons and parlours for the hair treatment and spas.

The Mahabhringraj oil can also be used  for hair growth and to reduce hair loss.

How to use Moringa Oil for Hair??

Massage your hair with the hot Moringa oil.

You can wet your hair and massage the oil on the scalp to get moisturized scalp.

You can also apply Moringa oil with the lavender oil and rub your hair to get rid of dandruff and split ends.

4) As Natural Perfumes-

Moringa oil has an enfleurage attribute by which it captures the scent of natural plant materials.

So, it can be used as a home made perfume. Oil can also be used as a base for perfumes.

How to use oil as a natural perfume??

You can add your favorite oil to the Moringa oil and use it as a perfume.

5) Commercial Uses-

There are many lucrative uses of the oil as

i) Soap– As the oil cleanses and moisturizes the skin, it is used in many soaps available in the market. And I am sure you all use it unknowingly.

ii) Oil is considered as a great conditioner, so it is used in many shampoos and body washes.

iii) Due to its emollient property, Moringa oil is used in hand lotions, lip balms and creams.

iv) Lubricator– Oil is an excellent lubricant for metals. It lubricates machine parts like watches etc.

6) Other uses-

a) The oil acts in a natural way to purify and treat water. So, it can be used in filtration systems.

b) After the extraction of oil, the left over portion can be utilized as a fertilizer.

Side Effects Moringa Essential Oil

Some evidence has shown that consuming the oil can be harmful in pregnancy. So, it’s not recommended for the consumption of oil during this period.
So, consult a doctor, if you are consuming it.


Now, when we have read all about Moringa oil, don’t you all feel its a miraculous oil, which can give you a flawless skin, relieve joint pain, help in stomach disorders.

It works fabulously in conditioning your hair. It is an antiseptic and subdues infection and much more.So, now go ahead and use this primary secret in your daily routine. And stay healthy, relaxed and happy.

Stay Young, Stay Relaxed, Stay Happy.


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by Dr.Gopi Krishna Maddikera