Migraine – Home Remedy – Sandalwood Root

can be ground and made to a paste, this paste must be then applied on the forehead and allowed to dry, and rubbed off.


It is very important the person suffering from migraine should take healthy foods and maintain a healthy diet. Initially, the person must fast on orange juice and water for two or three days. One can also include celery, cucumber and carrot juices. This can be followed by an all fruit diet for about five days, taking fruits as three meals a day. Then the patient should follow a well balanced diet of vegetables, nuts, fruits, and grains. This diet should be supplemented by yoghurt, buttermilk and honey.

White flour foods, sugar, chocolates, rich cakes, sweets, refined cereals, fried foods, pickles, sauces and other condiments are foods which must be avoided.

Exercise regularly; massages on the neck region will be very helpful to relieve the muscles and the pain due to migraine. Cold compress applied to head, towels dipped in hot water, wrung and applied over neck frequently, are very helpful in relieving migraine headaches.


  • Moderate to severe, throbbing pain, usually in one side of the head.
  • Nausea and vomiting when in pain
  • Head pain worsens with activity
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • May also feel numbness in arm or leg, or on one side of the face.
  • Headache may disturb digestion process

The pain can be felt only on one side of the head at one time.

Usually migraine attacks follow some pattern. If the right side is affected in the first attack, the left side may be affected next time. Migraine attacks are usually preceded by short period of depression, irritability, and loss of appetite. Some persons may get migraine attack daily, some every month or every two months and so on. If a person gets around fifteen attacks daily then the person can be said to be suffering from chronic or acute migraine.


Migration is caused by a combination of two factors:

1. Enlargement of the blood vessels

2. Release of chemicals from the nerve fiber that coils the blood vessels.

During migraine attack the temporary artery which is under the skin of the temples, enlarges and causes nerves around the artery to stretch, which results in intense pain.

Migraine is mostly common in women than men. Persons suffering from migraine are usually with a particular personality of being intelligent, rigid and methodical and perfectionists in nature.

Migraine may be triggered by many factors. The common triggers are stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, smoking, high or low blood pressure, excessive drinking and heredity. Menstruation in women is also an important cause of migraine.

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