Migraine – Butterbur Herbal Remedy

Butterbur (Petasites hybridus), the perennial shrub found in Europe and parts of Asia and North America, gets its name due to its large leaves that are used to wrap butter in summers. Traditionally, butterbur has been used since ancient times for treating pain, fever and spasms. The modern medical herbalists, however, depend on

this herb to cure migraine headaches as well as asthma. This herb contains the components petasin and isopetasin that reduce spasms and inflammation to give you the much needed relief.

Studies have been conducted with the extract of butterbur called Petadolex that has successfully reduced the frequency of migraine attacks during experimentation. However, because this herb also contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can damage your liver, it is not at all advisable to use it in raw form or as teas or tinctures. Butterbur supplements are available in market that come without the liver toxic compound.

How to Take Butterbur Extract for Migraine?

If you want to use butterbur herb, go for commercially available butterbur supplements to save your liver from getting damaged. These extracts are made after elimination of the toxic compound found in the herb. Take 50-75 mg of butterbur twice daily. You should however, consult your doctor before you go for any supplement for migraine.

Precaution: Pregnant and nursing women should avoid taking butterbur supplement.

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