Headache Treatment – Ginger Root – Home Remedies

Ginger Root Health Benefits , Prostaglandin synthesis is a process that takes place in some animals (including humans) that makes lipid (fat) compounds within their cells. Those fatty substances are like little chemical messengers that mediate biological processes, like inflammation, and alerting neurons to pain. Certain enzymes

spark off the prostaglandin synthesis, while some drugs, such as aspirin, inhibit the synthesis. Ginger root, a natural alternative, is thought to inhibit the synthesis as well. On top of that, if you’re getting knocked with a migraine, it can help quell your nausea. Simply sip a nice steaming cup of ginger root tea and relax while you wait for your headache to ease up.

You will need…
-3 quarter size slices of Ginger root
-2 cups of water
Slice 3 slices off of a piece of raw Ginger root, with each being roughly the size of a quarter. Gently simmer the pieces of Ginger in 2 cups of water, covered, for 30 minutes. Use something to remove the pieces of Ginger and transfer to a mug, or if you prefer, leave them in. Sip slowly and breathe in the steam if you want. Relax!


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