Ovarian Cancer Treatment – Flax Seed Benefits – Home Remedies

Including flax seed in daily diet helps to prevent not only breast cancer but also ovarian cancer. Prevention of ovarian cancer is considered as one of amazing benefits of flax seed and flax seed oil. Ovarian cancer is difficult to be diagnosed. Many patients go to a hospital when the disease goes bad. Sometimes, ovarian cancer

is misdiagnosed with other health particular health conditions. Treating ovarian cancer is not easy. The cures for this disease still remain unknown.

However, it is best to prevent this fatal disease at the first place. There are many natural substances that are experimented to be anti-ovarian cancer medicines. A few names of them are curcumin (turmeric), resveratrol (red wine, grapes, peanuts) and genistein (kudzu, soy, red clover). However, the most effective anti-ovarian cancer food is flax seed. There are many extend researches that show the effectiveness of flaxseed in fighting against ovarian cancer. The reason why flax seed can prevent and improve ovarian cancer is flax seed’s anti-tumor properties.

In a study published in 2010 in the journal Gynecological Oncology, hens were fed with a flax seed-enriched diet for one year. After one year, researchers saw the significant improvement in ovarian tumors, better health and reduction in mortality. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that flax seed is effective prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer. Eating flax seed daily will inhibit the growth of cancer tumors in patients with ovarian cancer.

Patients who get diagnosed with ovarian cancer should add ground flax seed or flax seed oil to their daily diet. Besides flax seed-enriched diet, it is important for patients with ovarian cancer to avoid ovarian cancer triggering factors including incompatible foods and chemical exposure.

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