Clove Oil – Health Benefits

Clove Oil Health Benefits

Clove oil used extensively to cure tooth ache,boost immunity,destroy candida growth on skin etc.

The clove oil is naturally extracted from clove. It was used for ages as a medicine and other purposes in the ancient Mesopotamian and Indian culture.

It is also used in the Chinese culture. The oil became popular all around the world in the seventh century because of its many benefits.

The clove oil is of three different types:

  • Clove stem oil

We derive stem oil from the stem of the clove plant. It has the highest composition of eugenol and some minor constituents.

  • Clove bud oil

We take the bud oil from the flower buds of the clove flower of the clove tree. Its has eugenyl acetate and caryophyllene. It has around, 3/4th of eugenol and other minor constituents as well.

  • Clove leaf oil

Leaf oil that is derived from the leaves of the clove plant, consists a lot of eugenol with a little or no eugenyl acetate.

You can use the clove oil in many ways. It has health, fragrance and flavoring, and beauty benefits. We will discuss the various benefits of this clove oil later on.

In this article, we will also know about the things present in the clove oil and its characteristics. We will also know about how can you make your clove oil at home.


  • The clove oil is prepared by the steam distillation of the leaves or the flower buds of the clove.
  • The clove oil is golden yellow or brown in color with a thin consistency.
  • It has a medium perfumery note. Even then it is frequently used in the fragrance industry.
  • The strength of its initial aroma is strong. It has a spicy and slightly bitter smell.
  • Clove oil is volatile in nature; eugenol is the major compound in it.
  • The clove oil is an able antiseptic, an antispasmodic and an analgesic, so you can use it in a multitude of medicinal ways.


The clove oil is a super herb as it is antioxidant and a local anesthetic. It not only is a rubefacient but is carminative as well. It is antiflatulent as well.

Clove oil has essential oils like eugenol and vanillin. It has tannins like gallotannic acid. It also has flavonoids like eugenin.

Minerals like potassium and iron are present in it. Other minerals also include Selenium and manganese.

Potassium is an electrolyte for body fluids that control blood pressure and heart rate. Manganese is an antioxidant enzyme. Clove oil contains a good amount of vitamin A and Vitamin C.


Clove oil is an efficient antiseptic and is antifungal oil. Not only is the clove oil antimicrobial and antiviral but is an aphrodisiac as well.

Clove oil is used for treating many health problems, like toothaches and cough. It is a treatment for headaches and blood impurities. It is applied externally to treat different cuts and wounds.

1. Clove oil benefits for teeth:

Clove oil has germicidal properties. It is thus ideal for treating dental pain sore gums, toothaches and mouth ulcers. We use the compound eugenol present in clove oil in dentistry for years.

If you use the clove oil on painful teeth, it helps sooth the pain of tooth. The oil is beneficial for treating cavities too.  If you apply the clove oil to cavities after brushing your teeth ever night, the cavity will vanish.

You can topically apply clove oil to your teeth as a temporary solution to nerve decay in the tooth. You can use the clove oil to gargle and him nice cure sore throats.

Clove oil is mixed with zinc oxide to prepare a white filling material for cavities. At times, you may use a  diluted form of clove oil on infants who are teething.

For dental problems, you can also use Balsam of Peru Essential oil.

2. Clove oil benefits for skin:

Clove oil is beneficial for the skin as well. Its benefits for the skin is mentioned in Patanjali. Clove oil rejuvenates the skin by enhancing blood circulation and also treats stubborn acne.

You can use diluted clove oil as a remedy for moisturizing dry skin. In fact,  the clove oil is already present in many moisturizing cosmetics. You can use the clove oil to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

The clove oil is used to lessen the appearance of puffy skin and baggy eyes. You can mix clove oil with honey and apply it on your acne as a treatment. It treats saggy skin and wrinkles too.

3. Clove oil benefits as an immune system booster:

The clove oil is a strong antioxidant.  It has got antiviral and blood purification properties. It is thus resistant to many diseases like heart diseases and cancer. Here, black currant essential oil also works effectively.

4. Clove oil as a digestive aid:

You can use the clove oil to halt the digestive problems nausea and vomiting.  It soothes the gastrointestinal track.

5. Clove oil can be used in soaps and as a perfume ingredient:

Clove oil is an aphrodisiac, and thus it is used in perfumes. It is widely used in soaps also for ‘its antiseptic qualities.

6. Clove oil can be used as a flavoring agent:

Clove oil has a characteristic natural aroma. It has a strong, unique flavor that makes it fit to be used as a flavouring agent in cooking.

It has been used in the Indian households as a flavouring agent for centuries.

7. Clove oil may be used as an antiseptic:

You may sometimes apply clove oil to burns and skin irritation. It would treat such problems as it has antibacterial germ killing properties

8. Clove oil has insect repelling properties:

You can also use the clove oil as an insect repellent. Clove oil applied to skin repels mosquitoes for 4 hours.

9. Clove oil can be used for some quick natural remedies:

You can use the clove oil for natural emergency treatments for the sour throat, etc.

10. Clove oil may also be used at times to treat ear ache:

You may also use the clove oil for curing ear aches.

You can also try camphor essential oil for getting relief from the ear aches.


Things that you will need:

  • 9-10 cloves.
  • Olive oil(50 ml)
  • Dark glass jar(100 ml)
  • Filter papers.
  • Eyedropper/ ink dropper
  • Cotton balls

Clove oil can be easily prepared at the convenience of your home. We write here a simple process of doing so:

Put all the cloves that you fetched from the general store into the glass jar.

Now fill up that glass jar with extra virgin olive oil up to about an inch higher than the line of cloves.

Now you have to seal and then shake the jar well to mix up the contents well. Shaking should be repeated at least three to four times.

Let the contents of the jar sit for at least fifteen days.

Now if you want you may use the filter paper to filter the oil from cloves.


You may follow these steps to apply the beneficial clove oil to treat your sour teeth or gums.

First of all, rinse your mouth with salt mixed in warm water:  before you apply the oil. Doing this will allow the oil to work effectively on your teeth.

Now you need to soak a clean cotton ball into the clove oil and apply it on your painful teeth or gum. You must make sure you apply abundant oil to the affected area.

Keep this for at least five minutes. Don’t eat or drink anything for the next five minutes.

You must remember that clove oil is a temporary solution in case of severe dental problems. You must visit the dentist as soon as possible.


There are some side effects of clove oil when used on skin, i.e. topically applied:

Repeated use of clove oil on gums can cause damage. Clove oil has an effect of numbing the skin.

When applied to teeth,  it numbs the pain and thus is a great temporary solution to soothe severe teeth pains. Although repeated use of clove oil on teeth can cause dental damage like gum bleeding. It may cause sore gums and swollen gums.

Clove oil can cause trouble in orgasm. Application of clove oil to the penis causes erectile dysfunction.It causes difficulty or delay in ejaculation.

Use of clove on the skin can cause serious allergies. Use of a lot of clove oil on the skin may cause a swollen face. It may cause swollen lips, throat and tongue.

Clove oil use may damage skin. If it is repeatedly applied to the skin to prevent acne, it may permanently damage the skin.

It may cause itching, rash and mild skin irritation. Clove oil in concentrated form can burn the skin like most of the oils. It causes different skin problems like itching and rash.

Major Side Effects

There are some serious side effects of ingested clove oil. You must not take in clove oil or use it in smoking more than the required quantity:

Clove oil is the reason for increased bleeding: you must never take clove oil internally if you are a patient of hemophilia. You must never take clove oil if you use other drugs that are blood-thinning. According to a lab research, clove oil increases the risk of abnormal bleeding.

Clove oil consumed reduces blood sugar. You must take clove oil with caution as it reduces blood glucose levels.

Clove oil can prove allergic. Clove oil taken through smoke causes breathing problems. It also causes and hives.

Clove oil is toxic. Undiluted clove oil overdose causes vomiting. It causes sedation, sore throat and other toxic effects.

Children and pregnant women should avoid using clove oil at all costs. Breastfeeding women must also avoid using it.


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