Fight Cancer – Depression – Just a Teaspoon a Day of Turmeric

Just a teaspoon a day of turmeric can help fight cancer, depression and allergies

(NaturalNews) Turmeric is known for its iconic yellow-orange hue and for being a staple in South Asian cuisine. It has become increasingly popular for its medicinal uses and health benefits, and is widely considered
to be a “superfood.” While there are many skeptics, turmeric has been subjected to hundreds of studies and
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Clove Oil – Health Benefits

Clove Oil Health Benefits

Clove oil used extensively to cure tooth ache,boost immunity,destroy candida growth on skin etc.

The clove oil is naturally extracted from clove. It was used for ages as a medicine and other purposes in the ancient Mesopotamian and Indian culture.

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Bay Leaf (Laurus Nobilis, Lauraceae)

Bay Leaf Benefits

Bay leaves have a long and noble history. The ancient Romans and Greeks used to make crowns out of true bay leaves (Laurus Nobilis, Lauraceae) to crown great and accomplished people. These great people usually included kings, war heroes and Olympians. The term ‘baccalaureate’ originates from this giving of bay leaf
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