Celery Seed – Health Benefits – Home Remedies


Celery Seed – Health Benefits – Home Remedies

What is Celery Seed?

Celery seeds are found in the flowers of the well-known celery plant. These small, tan to dark brown seeds have a strong but pleasant smell, and they are occasionally used in South Asian cooking recipes as a spice or for flavouring. Other names for celery seed include Ajamoda, Ajmoda, Ajwain, Apii Frutus, Apio, Karmauli, Apium
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Herbal Shampoo -Home Made – Olive and Shikakai


Herbal Shampoo -Home Made , It is very important to clean dirt and the secretion of sebaceous glands which accumulate on the scalp. You should not use ordinary soaps or detergent to clean your hair. Always use a proper shampoo according to your hair type to wash hair. The process of shampoo is divided in two portions so that you lather twice and rinse after each
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Ayurveda Prevention – Tips for Arthritis and – Osteoarthritis

20 easy ways to manage and control arthritis

  1. Do the best effort to maintain body weight through eating healthy natural diet. Diet plays greater role at exaggerating of Arthritis.
  2. Avoid oily, fatty, refined, packaged  and heavy diets.
  3. Do  Yoga regularly as it enhances the flexibility of joints  and strengthening the muscles. Yoga plays pivotal
  4. role in minimizing the effect of Arthritis.

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Basil (Tulsi) Health Benefits – Uses – Eating

Medicinal value of basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil is very important herbs and has many medicinal applications. Tulsi is used in the treatment of various diseases. Basil plant and its various parts are used in case of insect bite, fever, cardiac diseases, gynecological disorders, respiratory problems, skin disorders, etc. Basil has been used since the ancient
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Moringa Essential Oil – Health Benefits

 Moringa Essential Oil – Health Benefits

Moringa Oil is also called Ben Oil or a Miraculous Oil. This oil relieves allergies, skin disorders. This oil, when used for cooking, aids as a liver protector and increase bone health density. Moringa Oil can be useful in treating high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma and much more.
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Home remedy – Benefits Flax Seeds – and Flax Seed Oil

Flax Seeds

السی کے بیج

Home remedy Benefits Flax Seeds and Flax Seed Oil ,Flax Seed is also known as Linseed. Because this herb has a great source of essential minerals, vital vitamins and healing compounds, it has been used for various purposes for more than 7000 years. This herb has brown seeds that have often been utilized to cure inflamed skin as well
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