Herbal Shampoo -Home Made – Olive and Shikakai


Herbal Shampoo -Home Made , It is very important to clean dirt and the secretion of sebaceous glands which accumulate on the scalp. You should not use ordinary soaps or detergent to clean your hair. Always use a proper shampoo according to your hair type to wash hair. The process of shampoo is divided in two portions so that you lather twice and rinse after each
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Hair Growth – Herbal home remedies

For Hair Growth

In some people overall thinning of the hair occurs without any bald spot or patterns. The individual will that the hair is not thick or full as it previously was. There are many reasons for this hair loss condition and most of them can be effectively treated using home remedies for hair growth. It is normal for a healthy person to lose up to 100 hairs a day. Though the condition is very common, it is very tough to live with it as it may change your appearance.
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