Breast Cancer – Flax Seed Benefits – Home Remedies

We know there are many amazing therapeutic properties and benefits of flax seed. In fact, using flax seed as an effective prevention or treatment of various diseases have been documented, tested and reviewed over the past centuries.

The benefit of flax seed in preventing and improving breast cancer is the most appealing for researchers and scientists to conduct their studies. Breast cancer affects women at any age and it has become the nightmare and affliction for most women in the world. However, women do not know how to prevent this terrible disease and do not realize the importance of healthy diet and avoidable chemical exposures.

flax seed is not only a nourishing food but also an effective medicine for breast cancer. The reason why we should incorporate flax seed into your diet is that flax seed contains highly nutritional content. This healing herb has a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and soothing properties. With a lot of powerful properties and benefits, flax seed has been proven to be a medicinal powerhouse for many ailments and diseases.

For prevention of breast cancer, flax seed contains estrogens that benefit women.

In a study published in 2005 in the journal “Clinical Cancer Research”, patients with breast cancer were instructed to consume a muffin containing 25 grams of flax seed daily for a period of 32 days. Researchers saw a significant reduction in cancer tumors in patients with breast cancer. Therefore, they concluded that dietary including flax seed will inhibit the growth and development of tumor in patients who get diagnosed with breast cancer.

Researchers have done a lot of studies to find out how flax seed can prevent and improve hormone-related cancers like breast cancer. It turns out the distinctively hormonal activity of flax seed. flax seed contains phytoestrogens, a compound that can deal with cellular estrogen receptors.

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