Balsam Essential Oil – Health Benefits

Balsam of Peru Essential Oil which is distilled from Balsam of Peru has many health benefits such as the ability to heal wounds, works as a disinfectant,revitalize skin quality,protects respiratory system,fights with dandruff.

Balsam of Peru is derived from gummy or a sticky substance called Balsam which is found in a tree called Myroxylon balsamum. Hard to say right, it’s commonly called as Peru Balsam.The gummy substance is found in the trunk of the tree or the base of the tree.

This essential oil has loads of health benefits and can cure and improve your condition simultaneously!

It reduces inflammation, speeds healing of your wounds, protects your respiratory system, prevents infection, improves dental health and provides healthy skin, and soothes hemorrhoids. Now that’s impressive!

This essential oil is not widely known although it does carry some impressive health benefits. It’s used to add flavor, fragrance and has immense medicinal value. This oil has the aroma of a combination of vanilla, cinnamon and a slight touch of clove. The color ranges from clear or yellow to pale or dark brown. This combination gives it an aromatic or enjoyable scent.

This essential oil blends well with almost all other types of oils and hence are very popularly used in aromatherapy.

Who wouldn’t want to get an aromatic enjoyable scented therapy to relax after a hard day’s work?

People go out of their way to get their hand on this essential oil because it has impressive medicinal qualities. Unfortunately, many don’t use this because Balsam of Peru essential oil can cause high allergic reactions such as inflammation, redness, soreness, swelling, itching and blisters which are considered the “top five” allergens.

Don’t let this scare you away!

Instead, just visit your doctor and have him administer a patch test to see if you are allergic. If you aren’t allergic, don’t wait to try it!


Okay, let me break down its uses, it may not seem much, but trust me this goes a long away! Balsam of Peru essential oil has four main uses:


Balsam of Peru essential oil is used in a wide range of dishes and food and drinks such as in coffee, chutneys, flavored tea, Mexican food, sauces, soda, hot drink, to add flavor and a bit of aroma. This helps in making your food taste delicious and in some cases making our not-so-delicious food edible at the least.

Fixatives in Perfumes and Toiletries

It’s also used to add fragrance in toiletries such as deodorant, perfumes, colognes, soaps, shampoos, baby powder, sunscreen, In both men and women’s products. A fixative helps keep the fragrance of the perfume intact and avoids evaporation of mixtures.

This is remarkable, this way, your good and expensive perfume doesn’t get wasted, and you smell good for longer!

Medical qualities

Balsam of Peru essential oil helps treat hemorrhoids, cough, diaper rash. It’s added in ointments, wound sprays, the very famous Calamine Lotion. In many cases used even as a surgical dressing. This is indeed a life savior! What better way to treat your condition than a quick natural product?


Because of its wonderful fragrance and healing powers, it is used in aromatherapy to relax and relieve you from anxiety and stress among other things. Personally, I would go for this even if I wasn’t stressed or in an anxious state!


So, you may be wondering what this essential oil has that makes it so remarkable. Balsam of Peru essential oil has many properties such as:

Antioxidant properties

It can activate antioxidants in your body and eliminates toxins. None of us want toxins in our body. What better and easier way to remove toxins? Just inhale. It’s that easy!

It has the power to heal wounds.

It reduces perspiration and hence eliminates or reduces your body odor. This is a definite game changer!


It prevents inflammation. Swollen feet, soreness, and redness? Your solution- Balsam of Peru essential oil.


Although it has its benefits, it happens to cause some major and mild allergies in many people.

It expels phlegm from lungs and clears your airway. It reduces your cough as well.

It acts as a stimulant for various organs in your body.


This oil is added in many perfumes as it helps avoid evaporation in its mixtures preventing it from losing any aroma.

It acts as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and diuretic (stimulates the release of urine from your body).

Health Benefits Of Balsam of Peru Essential Oil

Respiratory conditions and bronchitis:

For any and all respiratory conditions, Balsam of Peru essential oil is your answer! This amazing oil has an expectorant quality. This means it expels phlegm from your lungs and chest easily and keeps away any congestion.

You get a super clear airway, making it easier to breathe. It also helps keep away cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia. This helps to keep you healthy for long. You’ll automatically stop needing to go to the doctor for a prescription.

So, here’s what you’ll need to do for such conditions. Add 3-4 drops of this oil in a vaporizer and let it diffuse in the air. The aroma of cinnamon will help you breathe easy, and your congestion will reduce as well.

Sore muscles and inflammation:

Balsam of Peru essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and this helps in the reduction of inflammation, redness, muscle joint aches, inflammation caused due to internal results, etc. This is one of the essential traits of Balsam of Peru essential oil. This will help if you have sore muscles, inflammation, hemorrhoids.

Here’s what you can do to help. To a 100ml of carrier oil, add 2-3 drops of Balsam of Peru essential oil and massage it into your sore muscles and inflamed areas. Avoid contact if there is an open wound. Do this twice a day. This will help reduce inflammation within the cramped muscle and relieve you from the soreness in a few hours.

Stress and Anxiety:

Life can be difficult! There’s no doubt that all of us suffer from some form of stress and anxiety. It could be work that stresses you out, personal relationships that provoke anxiety, etc.  Many times I find myself throwing my hands in the air and almost giving up. At times like these, I find aromatherapy to be extremely helpful.

This oil has always been looked at as a solution for stress, anxiety and many mental distresses. Its aroma soothes the senses relieving you from stress and anxiety. Inhaling Balsam of Peru essential oil induces hormonal changes in your body and, in turn, reduces the stress hormone hence keeping you calm and relaxed.

You can inhale its aroma by diffusing it using a diffuser, or you can add a few drops in your bath tub. Whichever works best for you, just go for it!

Scabies and eczema lesions:

This essential oil is widely and famously used to treat scabies, a skin condition caused by scabies mites that cause severe rashes. Balsam of Peru essential oil has active components that act as an antiseptic which eliminates germs and bacteria. It cleanses areas that may be potential to be infected by them.

So, all you need to do is, add a couple of drops maybe 2-3drops of Balsam of Peru essential oil to extra virgin olive oil and massage it into your skin. Use this regularly to see improvements. This can also help relieve you from eczema lesions. This only works if you use this regularly, so be patient, it’ll work!


If you have damaged, dry or burnt skin, you may have just found your savior! Balsam of Peru essential oil helps prevent moisture loss from your skin, helps heal chapped, broken, damaged skin and reduces rashes.

So, if you’re suffering from any such conditions dilute this oil about 50 times with carrier oil and massage into your skin. This will leave your skin soft, supple and clear


How many times have you heard someone say antioxidants are good for you, and they keep you safe? Well, this is true. While this may not be the most effective use of this oil, studies show that this helps in stimulating your immune system, prevents chronic diseases and eliminates free radicals in your body. It may not be much, but something’s better than nothing right?


Balsam of Peru essential oil helps induce urination. This helps flush out toxins from your body keeping it healthy. Toxins, excess water, fat, and waste are flushed out keeping your kidneys working perfectly and ensuring good health. If you’re someone who wants healthy skin and a healthy and toned body, this is it.

Hair remedy:

If you’re someone who has had a bad hair day or just bad hair, and you seem to have more of those, these days, this is what you want! Balsam of Peru essential oil can be used to help reduce and prevent further development of dandruff by eliminating dead skin cells and keep your scalp clean.

It is often mixed with water and washed into the hair. Use this once every week; do not stop as they may come back again.

Dental hygiene:

We all want that clean and healthy teeth. Balsam of Peru essential oil has antibacterial properties which help to eliminate bacteria and prevent infection from your gum and teeth. This keeps it clean and pain-free. Phew! No more dentist appointments.

Heart Health:

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Balsam of Peru essential oil has properties that lower blood pressure and improve heart health. The aromatic fragrance soothes and calms you as well as lowering your blood pressure

Usage and Side Effects:

Balsam of Peru essential oil is known to be one of the most allergic matters in nature. Many people who are susceptible to allergies can be vulnerable to allergic reactions from this oil.

So get your patch test done to be on the safer side. Allergies may vary from mild to severe and can cause a lot of discomforts. So consult your doctor and then proceed.

All things set aside, Balsam of Peru essential oil is not called an essential oil for no reason. It has its benefits and can also cause some discomfort. So, try it out and you’ll see a major improvement in your health and it’ll show on your skin as well!

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