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Ajwain Seed (Carom Seeds) For Pain Relief of Arthritis

At the request of Healing Waters Clinic’s owner Laurence, I did a test  with celery seed and Ajwain seeds.  Celery seeds won the contest hands down for me but there were benefits from Ajwan seed as well.  At least for me, celery seed worked best.

Ajwain seed is from India where they use it for a digestive aid such as abdominal problems from indigestion.   They also give it to animals to improve their digestion and appetite. The oil is used to inhibit growth of undesirable bacteria in the digestive track.

Celery seed has been used as a Western healing herb for many years.   It was used as a tea to clean out the urinary track because it flushes out uric acid which, by the way, is what causes gout.  It was also used for the pain of arthritis and ache and pains in muscles.

So, now that you know what the healing herbs are let’s continue on with the celery seed vs Ajwain seed.  Here’s the background info, the type of test, and the results of trying these two powerful healing herbs for one week each.

The reason: A patience of HWC came in asking for Ajwain seeds to use for RLS (restless leg syndrome), hip joint pain, and a nerve problem in the back She makes a really strong decoction and adds water and drinks it 3 times a day The argument was, since we were out of Ajwain, we said she could use celery seed and have the same benefits.  Our patience said no way, they weren’t the same herb and didn’t have the same affect on the body.  Just so you know Ajwain is wild celery while celery seed is the kind of celery you can buy in the store only grown, not the seed. Ajwan is sometimes called Bishop’s weed which, according to Mrs. Grieves Herbal is wild celery.  Ajwain is grown in India and celery is grown in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Celery seed tastes like celery and Ajwain tastes like thyme or cumin.

Now for the test…

Background: I have a hip injury that is several years old due to being hit  by a car  on a bike.  Sometimes the pain from walking or sitting is too much to handle and I need some relief from it.  I also have a shoulder injury, rotator cuff injury, that pains me a lot. Of course, there are the normal aches and pains from living a dare devil life when I was younger.   So, now you know about the pain involved.

The Test: I drank a cup of tea every morning for a week of ajwain and a week of celery seed tea, on different weeks.  I used a teaspoon full of seed and let it brew for 20 to 30 minutes before I drank it.  The only other herb I took during these two weeks was 6 capsules a day of turmeric. Turmeric is what I use for the inflammation in my shoulders.

The results of Ajwain: There was some pain relief in my shoulder and hip but it only lasted for a couple of hours.  It didn’t take the pain away completely.  The taste was ok as it had a hint of thyme to it. It didn’t have a celery seed taste.  It did give me pain relief in my shoulder more so than my hips but as I said, it didn’t last very long.

The results of celery seed: Before I finished my first cup of celery seed tea the pain in my hip was gone.  The pain stayed away for at least 6 to 8 hours.  It also helped the pain in my shoulder for the same amount of time.  But since I have limited movement with my arms the sharp pain was still there.  The achy pain stayed away for the 6 hours.  I was suitably impressed with the celery seed tea.  It also tasted like celery so much that I added a little salt to it and it was very tasty.

As you can see and run your own test on these two healing herbs, they both work to aid in pain relief of joint pain and muscle pain.  Chris, the other associate here at Healing Waters, uses celery seed tea when he does some heavy work in his garden.  When he’s done in the garden he brews a cup or two of celery seed, adds a little Himalayan sea salt, which replaces the minerals that he sweat out during his garden work.  He says it help with the muscle aches and pain.

So, what do you think?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about using  ajwan seed for pain relief.



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