Hakeem Muhammad Irfan presents a comprehensive line of remedies and treatments across multiple categories of health. We manufacture tailored remedies for our valuable clients in every category. Whether it’s nutritional plans, or vitamins, essential minerals, and herbs, we are able to control the integrity of all products through in-house manufacturing. Customers are ensured prompt delivery and unmatched customer support.

Collectively, our efforts are the dominant force in the herbal industry with the highest quality products available in the market today.

Main company Al-Shifa natural herbal pharma was founded in 1999 by Hakeem Muhammad Irfan. The company was launched to satisfy the demands of prestigious and elite class customers who prefer quality and commitment to be the corner stone in healthcare and after years of success reflected in great part by the ongoing best-customer satisfaction status.


Hakim M.Irfan
Physician of Natural & Herbal Medicine
Specialised in Cardiology & Gastroenterology

Our Goal

HakeemIrfan aims at providing unbiased information on different food items, organic food (and food in general) and health and nutrition. Apart from this, we also provide information on different aspects of organic living from cosmetics and gardening to organic stores. The information provided is credible and well researched.

Who we are?

Hakeemirfan.com is run by Hakeem Muhammad Irfan (Herbal Medicine, Nutrition & Supplement Specialist) who is a dedicated individual passionate about health and nutrition. He wants to spread awareness around how to achieve this.


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